Communication Excellence | Dr. Nicole Pfeffermann

Research & Teaching

Focus: Strategic Management

Innovation Communication Program | Dr. Nicole Pfeffermann

Task: The development and presentation of a business plan for Deutsche Post AG, DHL including marketing and tech plan for a high-tech robot system. Nicole also developed business cases for potential customers and go-to-market strategies which had a positive impact on the following R&D transfer project (more >>).

Innovation Communication Program | Dr. Nicole Pfeffermann

At CeBIT 2014 ISEIC launched a cloud-based management tool for effective e-innovation communication. Nicole led ISEIC's consulting and research projects focused on strategic communications to accelerate (breakthrough) innovation and business model innovation—empowered by the European research program.

Innovation Communication Program | Dr. Nicole Pfeffermann

The BMWi-funded transfer project 'Innovation Communication' focused on the communication network of scientific institutions of the State of Bremen and how to effectively disseminate research and tech results. Nicole conducted interviews and developed a strategy concept for scientific innovation.

Scope of Research


1. Innovation Dialog

Relationship View - Communication

Connecting with individuals in communities, presenting ideas and understanding the value of information-interaction design

2. Business Innovation

Management View - Innovation
Basis: Human CULTURE

Creating open learning spaces for employees and successfully translating (business) ideas from the creative world into action

3. Strategy & Leadership

Leadership View - Strategy

Leading productive teams in transition phases and effectively managing innovation communication to achieve greater impact

Re-Building Organizations


The dynamic capability framework of innovation communication allows a firm to design, implement and measure the innovation communication capability. The innovation communication capability is an integrated managerial skill set considering openness, interrelation and time/timing:


Strategic Communication Management

Value: Growth - Planning, monitoring and measuring communication activities in transition phases and growth zones (learning model: comfort, growth, panic)

  Openness: Realities and learning

  Interrelation: Activities, actions

  Time/Timing: Managing activities


Stakeholder Relationship Management

Value: Reputation & Engagement - Emotionally connecting with individuals and ideas in (non)verbal interactions in we and me-idea-level relationships

  Openness: Relationships/Interactions

  Interrelation: (Non)Verbal interaction

  Time/Timing: Communication patterns


Intelligent Information Management

Value: Resource Set - Discovering, sharing, and co-creating ideas (= multisensory input-output) in co-innovation and data management

  Openness: Co-working & creation

  Interrelation: Data and information

  Time/Timing: Matching data (ideas)


Capabilities Management

Value: Leadership - Creating new visions and viewpoints as well as establishing an innovation culture in the C-suite and new generation of leaders & co-workers

  Openness: Strategic views & culture

  Interrelation: (Ordinary) capabilities

  Time/Timing: Doing the right things


Design Management

Value: Image & Dialog - Communicating the New in open innovation processes and using dialog tools in pitch / go-to-market situations

  Openness: Open dialogs & channels

  Interrelation: Lean startup tools

  Time/Timing: Innovation process


Management Basics

Value: Foundation - Basic tasks related to entrepreneurship, business model innovation, digital business and communication management.

  Contract management, legal

  Finances, accounting, tax

  Facility, travel management

Teaching Interest


Main Courses

Classes and Supervision

Digital Business & Entrepreneurship [MBA, BA]
Information and Knowledge Management [MBA, BA]
Research Management [Ph.D.]
Methodology [Ph.D., MBA, BA]

Short Course

New Communication Skills

This short course is designed for students and entrepreneurs who want to learn more about new approaches and methods in leadership and innovation communication from a strategic management view.

Selected Publications


Management Book 2017

Communication Excellence | Dr. Nicole Pfeffermann

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Strategy and Communication for Innovation

The third edition of the contributed volume “Strategy and Communication for Innovation” concentrates on emerging approaches and methods for integrating communication in corporate innovation and business model innovation in the digital economy. This book makes an important contribution to this evolving academic domain by providing multiple perspectives on latest research in innovation communication and strategic open innovation.

Integrated Perspective on Innovation in the #Digital Economy

The key theme is the provision of an integrated perspective on innovation to bridge the gap between innovation management and communication management at both strategic and operational levels. As a new communication field and dynamic capability, innovation communication facilitates managing open innovation, strengthening corporate culture and reputation, successfully launching new products and services as well as building new capabilities and difficult-to-imitate resources. Consequently, firms today need to develop a strong communication portfolio as an integral part of any digital information-innovation process on a functional and/or company-wide level. This also includes understanding the role of communicators in innovation clusters, research networks, co-innovation labs, and supportive ecosystems.

Discover the Table of Contents and download a book chapter. >>

Further Readings

The Role of Communication as a Dynamic Capability in Business Model Innovation, Revolution of Innovation Management, Internationalization and Business Models Volume 2, Palgrave.

Scenario-based Learning for Innovation Communication and Management (with Henning Breuer), In A. Brem & E. Viardot (Eds.), The Evolution of Innovation Management, Palgrave, 2013.

Research Transfer


At the University of Bremen, BIBA, the project team developed the hightech robotic system 'ParcelRobot'- automatic unloading of containers and swap bodies. Nicole was responsible for developing and presenting business cases (e.g. Walmart US, Metro Group, Exel UK, ...) and planning and coordinating internal and external communications (e.g. trade fairs, photos, videos, topic website, reports, RoboScan'07, etc.) from the business plan until the market launch in 2007 at the transport logistic trade fair Munich, DHL booth. Main partners: Deutsche Post, EADS / Astrium, State of Bremen, WFB, and Thyssen Krupp Krause. More online: idw Press Release

Mrs. Pfeffermann has considerable analytical skills. She gathered information with careful attention to detail and interacted in our research network and in collaboration with our departments with sensitivity and concern for the others. The output was professional as well as valuable for our decision-making.

Harald Ulrich, Division Manager, Deutsche Post

Communication Excellence | Dr. Nicole Pfeffermann

BIBA Photo, Development Stage 2, 2006 - see also DHL Trend Report, 2016, p. 23

Read more in 'Strategies and Communications for Innovations', Springer

Communication Excellence | Dr. Nicole Pfeffermann

Market Launch, DHL, transport logistic 2007

Springer Contributed Volume: 'Strategies and Communications for Innovations', 2011

Organization of the Book Symposium - DHL Innovation Center

Dr. Keith Ulrich, Vice President DHL Solutions & Innovations, Deutsche Post
Prof. Dr. Kathrin M. Möslein, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Center for Leading Innovation & Cooperation
Friederike Hoffmann, mcm institute for media and communications management, Universität St. Gallen
Dr. Henning Breuer, Leader User Driven Innovation, Innovation, Development, Deutsche Telekom Laboratories
Susanne Roth, ifu Bonn, Leitung „DFG Science TV“ Kooperationspartnerin der Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)
Dr. Ulrich Eberl, Head of Innovation Communications, Siemens AG
Stephan Jacquemot, Emerging Business Team Lead Germany, Microsoft

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Communication Excellence | Dr. Nicole Pfeffermann

Communication Excellence | Dr. Nicole Pfeffermann

Communication Excellence | Dr. Nicole Pfeffermann