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Self Test: Innovation Communication

1. Imagine you are presenting your idea in a professional meeting. How do you normally start?

  A. Raise a vital question

  B. Tell my pitch story

  C. Present the shortcomings

  D. Showcase visuals (e.g. video)

2. What is your most favorite communication approach to get a job done?

  A. Plan and execute communication activities

  B. Select the right idea and communicate it

  C. Engage others and envision the future

  D. Understand and influence my environment

  E. (Re-)design communications (e.g. materials)

3. What is a good way for you to connect with your project team?

  A. Go on a trip

  B. Play a game

  C. Run an open event

  D. Apply creative methods

  E. None of these ways

4. Please select one statement that you would say.

  A. I like co-working in new environments to connect with inspiring people and learn every day.

  B. I like choosing my working time and place to find a positive, healthy work-life balance.

  C. I like getting my work done - independent from where it is and how long it takes.

5. In your opinion, what is the optimal phase to invest in co-creation?

  A. Idea generation phase - fuzzy front end

  B. Concept & realization phase - feasibility study & use cases

  C. Market launch phase - promotional activities

  D. No co-creation at all

6. Which communication channel do you choose to best promote your idea?

  A. Joint exhibition - trade fair presentation

  B. My personal TEDx presentation

  C. User experience stories via social media

  D. Contest participation in my industry

  E. None of these channels

7. Please select your favorite scenario for a big idea promotion.

  A. Super bowl - visual

  B. New song - acoustic

  C. Scent app - smell

8. How do you gain new insights to present your idea to relevant target groups?

  A. Research database with materials - market tests, user experiences, market summaries

  B. Gobal roadshow with interactive sessions and experimental experiences within and across groups

  C. Design thinking workshop to make the idea tangible and showcase this idea to all groups

9. Which way of information transmission do you prefer?

  A. Sensory & AI-based: Pre-selected information based on preferences and behaviorial patterns

  B. Management dashboards: Pre-defined data visualization based on information processes

  C. Touch displays: Intuitive, playful interactions and information in the moment

  D. None of these ways

10. Imagine somebody is saying: "We need change. But not too different." How would you respond?

  A. I'd provide information needed to identify and externalize the critical problem and find a solution.

  B. I'd raise vital questions and dig deeper to take on wider views and co-construct a solution.

  C. I'd seek for thinking patterns and explicitly contrast them with those needed to go forward.

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Communication Excellence | Dr. Nicole Pfeffermann


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Communication Excellence | Dr. Nicole Pfeffermann

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Communication Excellence | Dr. Nicole Pfeffermann

0-24 Points: Change Driver

You mainly focus on transformation and change based on a disfit-fit thinking approach. You want to improve things. You are a builder! You adapt to new situations and rebuild your 'comfort zone'. You do everything to find a solution to your problem and motivate people to make it happen. It might take years to find answers or finish your tasks, but you accomplish your goals. Congratulation! That is very powerful. Your communication style is in-the-know, result-oriented, and strategic. Sometimes you are so involved in your problem solving and change processes that others feel like 'outsiders'. In this situation it is important to better engage promotion-focused people, to dive into adventures and grow in new areas, and provide an inspiring environment for others to engage in your activities.

25-49 Points: Adaptive Rockstar

One way to deal with the New is to take smaller steps. You engage others and build new capabilities on your innovation journey. For you the secret key to innovation success is all about the right time/timing. Your goal is to find the balance between adapting to situations and creating the New. Congratulation! You are able to rock it. It is very important for you, however, to choose the right communication approach in each specific phase. Your communication style is adaptive, engaging, and on-point. How can you strengthen your innovation communication skills? You can learn to emotionally connect with individuals and be authentic in the way how you speak and care about people and take their ideas into consideration independent from the right time/timing.

50-60 Points: Super Connector

You are an idea gardener! You like to disseminate and cultivate new ideas. It is effortless for you to connect with others and feel home in the global family. Your communication style is open, passionate and interactive. For you creating the New is inseparable on your promotion-focused innovation journey. That is fantastic. Congratulation! Sometimes it is difficult for others, however, to 'get it'. They are impressed by your energy and passion but on the other hand you are blocked by their critical comments or face challenges in the adoption process. Do not stay in one spot, custom your communication and be consistent. That will help you to better engage prevention-focused people and effectively block-off mental models to adopt the New. Invest in your idea garden and your ideas will flourish.