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DIY Coaching Journal: Communication Skills

The Human-Leaderhip Shift: The Communicating Mind

As human beings we have a well-organized system of ideas which helps us to understand what is going on in the world around us and inside (self-talk). It is a specific perceptual lens—a navigation system—that works for us in terms of how we communicate and feel comfortable with events and situations in life.

What happens when our navigation system is challenged? To understand (new) ideas and how we react in unfamiliar situations or when we experience disruptive events, we use our knowledge schemes, our templates to organize information and understand interactions with others. These schemes can be activated and modified every time we seek information, reflect, act, and interact with others based on our ability to communicate with others.

Why is it crucial for leaders and personal development? As human leaders we have to be aware of the collective system of ideas and how we communicate and feel comfortable with (disruptive) events in order to successfully transform and develop businesses/systems. In fact, learning how to master the communicating mind help human individuals to become more self-empowered and better relate, connect and interact with others including dealing with dysfunctional communication in systems.

Communication Excellence | Dr. Nicole Pfeffermann

The DIY coaching journal helps individuals to master the communicating mind and practice leadership communication skills on a regular basis. Three self-learning units provide latest insights, exercises and new techniques to become a great, self-empowered human leader. Designed and produced in Germany, the classic, black DINA5 journal contains 160 pages with coaching pages, undefined visual calendar including reviews, journaling pages, and plain pages perfect for sketches, thoughts and creative notes.

Coaching Pages: 3 Self-Learning Units

Communication Blueprint Review (Tool) - Self-Empowerment (20 pages): Identify dysfunctional communication patterns and learn how to deal with diversion tactics and disempowering transactions, such as toxic triangulation, gaslighting/cognitive dissonance, invalidation, insults/judgement, world salad, projection, dissociation, drama, and ambience.

Reflective Innovation Dialog (Tool) - Conversation Leader (20 pages): Expand critical thinking skills coupled with scenario technique and learn how to better raise vital questions, think more strategically and communicate effectively to create space for opposing thoughts, figure out solutions to complex problems, envision the future, and frame emerging topics.

Information-Interaction Design (Tool) - Effective Communication (20 pages): Develop your (personal) communication model including activity plan and learn more about 15 information-interaction designs to create your own communication style, better relate and interact with individuals and grow your ideas, for instance, change versus innovation communication.

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Main Benefits

 Mastering the communicating mind and leadership communication

 Learning 3 communication techniques to be a great human leader

 Expanding communication skills on a regular basis incl. reviews

 Better understanding of dysfunctional communication blueprints

Product Standard

 High quality of the product—carefully chosen, vegan materials

 Experienced coach with in-depth expertise and qualification

 Up-to-date and applicable knowledge, latest insights and tips

 Produced in Germany by our collaborative partner (small batch)

Communication Excellence | Dr. Nicole Pfeffermann

Dr. Nicole Pfeffermann is an experienced trainer and (co-)editor of the international contributed volume 'Strategy and Communication for Innovation', Springer. She has more than 15 years of professional experience in IT-driven innovation management and communications in logistics, media, (high-)tech markets, and R&D transfer projects. She was visiting scholar at UCLA Anderson, associate researcher at ESCP Europe Paris, trainer at a MS training center, and guest lecturer at the University of Bremen. She also coaches 1:1 students, entrepreneurs and leaders in this field of interest.


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Communication Excellence | Dr. Nicole Pfeffermann


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