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Innovation Communication

Online Program for Leaders and Entrepreneurs

You want to take your business to the next level and learn what it takes to turn an idea into a success?

You are a leader who wants to engage others, communicate new strategies and develop your business?

You want to build empowered, productive teams and effectively promote new products and services?

Innovation Communication for Leaders and Entrepreneurs

The key theme is the provision of an integrated perspective on innovation in the digital economy to bridge the gap between innovation management and communication management at both strategic and operational levels.

1. Innovation Dialog: Being able to communicate effectively is crucial for (corporate) entrepreneurs and innovators in translating ideas into action and achieving market success.

2. Business Innovation: Making better innovation choices and encouraging shifts towards IT-driven operating models involve communicating with employees, partners and customers.

3. Strategy & Leadership: Communication supports innovative minds to seize and transform, create and co-create, and constantly align and realign resources with the firm’s strategy.

Tool for Innovation & Strategic Design


The Real Business Plan

Implementing a business model! The communication model design helps you to describe how to build trustful customer relationships, reach different markets, and establish (new) business partnerships.

Make It Simple & Effective

Improved workplace teamwork! The communication model design helps you to understand and discuss with others how to effectively communicate the New, co-create value and interact with individuals.

Strategic Design & Planning

Visual, agile communication design! The communication model design helps you to link a strategy approach to communications and learn about different communication blueprints in dynamic innovation.

Bringing New Ideas to Fruition

The communication model design describes the rationale of how individuals or organizations create value through communication, reach different markets, and successfully link a strategy approach to a communication approach to achieve goals. It is a visual, one-page lean startup and strategic management tool for developing, challenging and presenting new or documenting existing communication models (linked to a business model, strategic design).

The template 'Communication Model Design' helps individuals to learn this powerful technique in a pragmatic and visual way and better understand how to translate business models and new strategies into successful action. It is a hands-on tool for daily practice.

100% M-Flexibility

Your personal resource kit, knowledge base and solutions whenever and wherever you want to study and explore the topic


Better understanding of key concepts and hands-on tools in innovation & strategic design, communication for innovation

Community Exchange

Expand your skills and discuss cutting-edge topics, share ideas and learn about real case examples in interactive online sessions

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The online program 'Innovation Communication for Leaders and Entrepreneurs' is an exclusive management e-course to gain insight into strategy communication for innovation, how to successfully disseminate the New, lead interactive organizations, and learn what it takes to bring a (digital) business to the next level. The key theme is the provision of an integrated perspective to bridge the gap between innovation management and communication at both strategic and operational levels. It includes 6 self-learning units; reviews; Q&As; & resource kit.

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The first part of the online program provides self-learning materials which help you understand all the important concepts and how to apply powerful tools and techniques.


The second part of the online program encompasses reviews and online Q&A sessions to reflect and dive deeper into topics, get answers, and engage in online group discussions.


You can get your resource kit which provides guidance on how to navigate the program and further books, reviews, reading lists, and other helpful links and latest insights.


The knowledge plus supports your personal development and leadership skills. You can download the PDF file at any time while you are participating in the online program.

Main Benefits

 Bridging the gap between strategic innovation and communication management

 Better understanding of how to communicate the New and develop businesses

 Learning about visual, lean-agile tools for innovation and strategic design, growth

 Discussing cutting-edge topics and case examples including exercises, reflection

Program Standard

 High quality of program materials and personal resource kit

 Experienced coach with in-depth expertise and qualification

 Up-to-date and applicable knowledge, latest insights, and tips

 Visual lean startup tools, reviews & exercises, and Q&A sessions

Leadership, Strategy and Innovation | Dr. Nicole Pfeffermann

Nicole has in-depth expertise in digital business, strategy & innovation, and organization design and more than 15 years of professional experience in IT-driven innovation management in logistics, media, (high-)tech markets, and R&D transfer projects. She is coach and senior lecturer in digital business, information and knowledge management, and methodology and a co-editor of the international contributed volume 'Strategy and Communication for Innovation', Springer. She holds a Diploma in Business Economics and did her Ph.D. in Engineering (robotics/automation).


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Leadership, Strategy and Innovation | Dr. Nicole Pfeffermann


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