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Growth 2.0: Digital Value Chain

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Digital is creating opportunities to reach new markets, co-innovate with business partners and grow ventures. It requires shifting perspective from openness to dynamic innovation and sustained interactions with individuals to successfully develop impactful businesses and create next growth opportunities. The new ebook 'The Communicating Mind' draws on strategic management and psychology/neuroscience.

  • Leadership, Strategy and Innovation | Dr. Nicole Pfeffermann
  • Leadership, Strategy and Innovation | Dr. Nicole Pfeffermann
  • Leadership, Strategy and Innovation | Dr. Nicole Pfeffermann

What means growth in the digital economy? It all started with the World Wide Web and rapid growth of new technologies and connectivity among users leading to new investments in fast-growing Internet-based companies and social media platforms. After this period of extreme growth 1.0, most businesses are facing nowadays a variety of challenges in business innovation and digital transformation as they are looking for new ways to achieve growth.

What‘s next? Beyond design thinking, lean & prototyping, ...

This eBook brings light to how designing value deeply affects systems and presents a new value chain for long-term growth. It also offers a new organization design, leadership skill set, and better understanding of the tech-human connection. Smart leadership! You can gain new insight into strategy and innovation to achieve greater impact and bring ideas to fruition.

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Leadership, Strategy and Innovation | Dr. Nicole Pfeffermann


The ebook highlights key problems and solutions in digital business transformation, for instance, fragmentation of systems, strategic and value chain design.

Leadership, Strategy and Innovation | Dr. Nicole Pfeffermann


The ebook provides a new perspective on interactive organizations and how to build a foundation for translating ideas into impactful businesses.

Leadership, Strategy and Innovation | Dr. Nicole Pfeffermann


The ebook focuses on smart leadership communication and gaining a better and deeper understanding of communication blueprints in dynamic systems.

Sneak Preview: 3 Articles

Voice Is the Future. It's the Human Voice.

Growth 2.0: New value chain and advanced co-creation platform

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Leadership Communication vs Political Communication

What economist fail to include in the ‘ingredients list’ for growth

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It's Time to Re-think Ways To Create System Growth

The human-leadership shift in the open innovation economy

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Interesting read on the role of (a fresh perspective on) communication on innovation performance!

Program Designer & Entrepreneur in Innovation Sciences

'Voice Is the Future. It's the Human Voice' - A Write Up with great insights. Superbly summarized "there is no innovation and information process without interactions and, hence, the innovation communication capability is key to build a solid foundation for long-term personal and business growth in the digitalized information age. "

Professor of Strategic Management, Advisor on Strategy / Business Development

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The management ebook 'The Communicating Mind' brings light to smart leadership and how communication blueprints deeply affect dynamics in systems. It provides new approaches and tools for dynamic innovation, organization design, communication management related to business model innovation, and value creation. Readers can gain new insight into strategy and innovation which allows to lead modern interactive organizations, build healthy systems and achieve greater impact. It has 200 pages with five content sections, resources, and updates.

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Digital Value Chain 1.0

Tech-Human Connection

Co-Creating Unique Value

The Capability to Lead

Bringing New Ideas to Fruition

Building Impactful Businesses

Main Benefits

 Identification of next growth opportunities and firm's value creation drivers

 Better understanding of how to design the innovation-information process

 Bridging the gap between open innovation and communication management

 Leadership communication for building a responsible interactive organization

EBook Standard

 High quality of science-based content and further resources

 Experienced consultant with in-depth expertise & qualification

 Up-to-date, applicable knowledge and managerial implications

 Latest insights in strategic management and digital business

Leadership, Strategy and Innovation | Dr. Nicole Pfeffermann

Nicole has in-depth expertise in digital business, strategy & innovation, and organization design and more than 15 years of professional experience in IT-driven innovation management in logistics, media, (high-)tech markets, and R&D transfer projects. She is coach and senior lecturer in digital business, information and knowledge management, and methodology and a co-editor of the international contributed volume 'Strategy and Communication for Innovation', Springer. She holds a Diploma in Business Economics and did her Ph.D. in Engineering (robotics/automation).


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Leadership, Strategy and Innovation | Dr. Nicole Pfeffermann


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