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Strategy and Communication for Innovation

Explore the topic ‘Strategy and Communication for Innovation’ and how people and businesses will better interact, lead and prosper in the open innovation economy and era of digital transformation.

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You want to take your business to the next level and learn what it takes to turn an idea into a success?

You are a leader who wants to engage others, communicate new strategies and transform your business?

You want to build empowered, productive teams and promote & disseminate new products and businesses?

Innovation Communication for Leaders and Entrepreneurs

Understanding dynamics in fast-changing, unpredictable and disruptive environments and how the role of human individuals and, hence, communication has changed over the years is essential for managing innovation and creating next growth opportunities in systems.

Managers deal with innovation dynamics and new ways to engage and interact with individuals within and across organizations:

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Innovation Communication Program | Dr. Nicole Pfeffermann

Communication Excellence | Dr. Nicole Pfeffermann

New Organization Design


How do we build smart interactive organizations? The new initiative focuses on four key elements and offers a five-step framework to build modern organizations with a solid foundation and new value chain for long-term growth. It is the basis for design thinking & Co.

Communication Excellence | Dr. Nicole Pfeffermann

The Communicating Mind - Growth 2.0


Voice Is the Future. It's the Human Voice.

Growth 2.0: New value chain and advanced co-creation platform

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Leadership Communication vs Political Communication

What economist fail to include in the ‘ingredients list’ for growth

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It's Time to Re-think Ways To Create System Growth

The human-leadership shift in the open innovation economy

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Growth Expert Service



Digital Value Chain 2.0 & Tools

Bringing in new ideas and solve problems of digital business transformation, for instance, fragmentation of systems, methodologies vs methods, the right engagement models, and strategic & value chain design


Dynamic Management Framework

Implementing the dynamic management framework of innovation communication to strengthen the firm's growth capability and raise the evolutionary fitness level (innovation) for long-term growth


Leadership Communication Matrix

Implementing the leadership communication matrix which allows to create value through clear, effective communication in dynamic systems, facilitate innovation processes and achieve greater impact in the world

Innovation communication is not just a buzzword or shortcut to succeed in the open, digital innovation economy. Innovation communication is a learned skill set to successfully lead interactive organizations and productive, self-directed teams. It is a commitment to grow ideas, talents and businesses through communication (management).

Innovation Communication Program | Dr. Nicole Pfeffermann

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Innovation Communication Program | Dr. Nicole Pfeffermann

The third edition 'Strategy and Communication for Innovation' provides guidance for managers seeking to understand the diverse ways by which they can leverage communication to accelerate innovation in the digital economy. Read more...

Innovation Communication Program | Dr. Nicole Pfeffermann

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