Innovation and Growth 3.0

New Leadership, Dynamic Capability, System (Re-)Design

Explore the topic ‘Strategy and Communication for Innovation’ and how people and businesses will better interact, lead and prosper in the digital age and beyond. Learn what it really takes to successfully manage cultural transformation and system (re-)design, systematically communicate for innovation, and truly empower individuals to enhance business innovation and build impactful new businesses.

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By Nicole Pfeffermann (Author)

What means growth in the digital economy?
It all started with the World Wide Web and rapid growth of new technologies and connectivity among users leading to new investments in fast-growing Internet-based companies and social media platforms. After this period of extreme growth 1.0, most businesses are facing nowadays a variety of challenges in business innovation and digital transformation as they are looking for new ways to achieve long-term growth.

It‘s Time to Re-think Ways to Create System Growth
The signatur collection focuses on the human-leadership shift and in particular on the pressing need for a better and deeper understanding of the difference between communication of innovation and communication for innovation to positively impact market success and business-economic growth. Discover more about dynamic innovation...

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Springer Publication

EM//POWER Humans - New Leadership, System Design, Co-Creation | Dr. Nicole Pfeffermann

The third edition 'Strategy and Communication for Innovation' provides guidance for managers seeking to understand the diverse ways by which they can leverage communication to accelerate innovation. Read more...

EM//POWER Humans - New Leadership, System Design, Co-Creation | Dr. Nicole Pfeffermann

Expertise & Methods

Three major impact areas: Communication model innovation, new leadership, and system design

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