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New Leadership, Dynamic Capability, System (Re-)Design

Explore the topic ‘Strategy and Communication for Innovation’ and how people and businesses will better interact, lead and prosper in the digital age and beyond. Learn what it really takes to successfully manage transformation, communicate for innovation, and truly empower individuals to enhance business innovation and build impactful new businesses.

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NEW: Communication Model Design - 15 communication models, 2018

By Nicole Pfeffermann (more about the author)

In the global world it is unreasonable to expect that sales, marketing, digitals, customers. and suppliers are able to speak the same language. The mastery of communication can lead to a better understanding of how to engage prevention- and promotion-focused individuals, interact and connect with or anticipate the concerns of others, and facilitate effective communication for enhancing productive teamwork and building impactful digital businesses.

This self-coaching ebook presents a powerful visual, lean-agile and strategic management tool to better build and improve your communication model and master your communicating mind. Learn how to create value through communication (model design) and translate new strategies into action!

This eBook will inspire you to:
• Re-think how you address (digital) communication and sales markets
• Challenge the way you orchestrate activities for valuable dialogs
• Find new means to communicate the New and disseminate ideas
• Implement the multi-stage process of communication model design
• Better understand how to effectively execute (new) business models
• Cultivate being an innovation communicator to create new values

Springer Publication

EM//POWER Humans - New Leadership, System Design, Co-Creation | Dr. Nicole Pfeffermann

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EM//POWER Humans - New Leadership, System Design, Co-Creation | Dr. Nicole Pfeffermann

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Three major impact areas: Communication model innovation, new leadership, and system design

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