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You are a passionate entrepreneur, management thinker and/or innovation leader? This blog is one part of the interdependent growth space to inspire, advance and strengthen your ideas—your personal power and valuable gift. The main purpose of this blog channel is to provide useful resources, thought-provoking reading time and open-minded dialogs on how to better manage (co-)innovation and create modern organizations / systems.

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Innovation Communication Blog - Coaching - Resources | Dr. Nicole Pfeffermann


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Innovation Communication

5 modules for ambitious business owners and leaders

Are you thinking about becoming a remarkable digital leader? New technologies and marketplace platforms have a tremendous impact on businesses and how managers approach innovation and new venture development. Lean and design thinking play thereby a vital role in (re-)designing innovation and business processes. In doing so, sustained interactions are the meaningful link between both methods to gain customer insights, benefit from crowd-powered innovation, and reach new markets. Learn how to better apply innovation communication that will help you grow your ideas & business and achieve your vision in the digital age.

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Innovation Communication Blog - Coaching - Resources | Dr. Nicole Pfeffermann

Coaching Program: Article No. 1

Dysfunctional Environments:
What Really Leads to Growth

The need for resolving things to achieve goals

Re-thinking business in the digital age can be a playful and challenging task. Digital is creating opportunities to reach new markets, co-innovate with business partners and grow ventures. It requires shifting perspective from closeness to openness, co-creation, and sustained interactions with engaged individuals for developing and launching new products, services and businesses. Of course, communication is key. But what happens when conflicts and resentment stand in the way and decision makers avoid taking opportunities?

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Innovation Communication Blog - Coaching - Resources | Dr. Nicole Pfeffermann


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Articles Forthcoming

1. Listen to Your Heart: Passion and Diversion Tactics

2. Re-Thinking Value Creation: Porter's Value Chain

3. Self-Directed Teams: Interactive Organization Design


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Innovation Communication Blog - Coaching - Resources | Dr. Nicole Pfeffermann


NEW: 3rd Edition, Strategy and Communication for Innovation

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The third edition provides guidance for managers seeking to understand the diverse ways by which they can leverage strategic activities and communication to accelerate value creation and innovation in the digital economy. A key theme is the provision of an integrated perspective to bridge the gap between innovation management and communication management at both strategic and operational levels. It also makes an important contribution to the evolving academic domain by providing the latest insights on innovation communication.

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