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Explore the topic ‘Strategy and Communication for Innovation’ and how people and businesses will better interact, lead and prosper in the open innovation economy and era of digital transformation.

Real Business Plan

Write a real business plan to start and develop a successful business! This lean startup tool helps you to describe how to build customer relationships, promote your business value and develop partnerships.

Make It Simple & Visual

Make it simple for (sales) team and supportive partners! This visual tool helps you to better understand and discuss with others how to market & sell ideas, services and connect with market participants.

Clear, Effective Communication

A communication plan determines the success of leaders and projects! This strategic management tool helps you to better develop a communication plan for clear, effective communication.

1-Day Seminar: Communication Model Design


Solution: Strategy Communication

The communication model design describes the rationale of how individuals or organizations create value through communication, reach different markets, and successfully link a strategy approach to a communication approach to achieve goals. It is a visual, one-page lean startup and strategic management tool for developing, challenging and presenting new or documenting existing communication models (linked to a business model).

The one-day seminar 'Communication Model Design' helps participants in a pragmatic and playful way to learn this powerful technique and apply the visual tool including working with LEGO Serious Play to discuss new communication models.

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Communication Excellence | Dr. Nicole Pfeffermann

Innovation Communication Program | Dr. Nicole Pfeffermann

12-Week Online Program

Innovation Communication for Leaders and Entrepreneurs

You want to take your business to the next level and learn what it takes to turn an idea into a success?

You are a leader who wants to engage others, communicate new strategies and transform your business?

You want to build empowered, productive teams and promote & disseminate new products and businesses?

This 12-week online program is designed for entrepreneurs, innovation leaders, scientists, project managers, and changemakers of tomorrow who want to successfully build and develop businesses, clearly communicate their visions, and effectively promote new services, products, research & tech results, and business partnerships including initiatives, themes, and co-innovation.

Innovation Communication for Leaders and Entrepreneurs

The key theme is the provision of an integrated perspective on innovation in the digital economy to bridge the gap between innovation management and communication management at both strategic and operational levels.

1. Innovation Dialog: Being able to communicate effectively is crucial for (corporate) entrepreneurs and innovators in translating ideas into action and achieving market success.

2. Business Innovation: Making better innovation choices and encourage shifts towards IT-driven operating models involve communicating with employees, partners and customers.

3. Strategy & Leadership: Communication supports innovative minds to seize and transform, create and co-create, and constantly align and realign resources with the firm’s strategy.

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Innovation Communication Program | Dr. Nicole Pfeffermann

Research & Teaching


1. Innovation Dialog

Relationship View - Communication

Connecting with individuals in communities, presenting ideas and creating value through information-interaction (design)

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2. Business Innovation

Management View - Innovation
Basis: Human CULTURE

Creating open learning spaces for employees and successfully translating (business) ideas from the creative world into action

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3. Strategy & Leadership

Leadership View - Strategy

Leading productive teams in transition phases and effectively managing innovation communication to achieve greater impact

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Innovation communication is not just a buzzword or shortcut to succeed in the open, digital innovation economy. Innovation communication is a learned skill set to successfully lead interactive organizations and productive, self-directed teams. It is a commitment to grow ideas, talents and businesses through communication (management).

Innovation Communication Program | Dr. Nicole Pfeffermann

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Innovation Communication Program | Dr. Nicole Pfeffermann

The third edition 'Strategy and Communication for Innovation' provides guidance for managers seeking to understand the diverse ways by which they can leverage communication to accelerate innovation in the digital economy. Read more...

Innovation Communication Program | Dr. Nicole Pfeffermann

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